6:30 p.m. in Hale Chapel

We realize that Sunday morning worship doesn’t work for everyone. Maybe your work or family schedule doesn’t allow you to attend at that time. Perhaps the larger-scale worship and styles don’t quite suit you. It’s possible that you’d like to connect more personally with others in worship. If that begins to describe your experience with corporate worship, you might consider our Thursday evening service. See the description below to discover what we’re up to.

The word “liturgy” means literally “the work of the people.” TNW is not a service presented by professionals, but thrives when the gathered people bring their own voice and identiy. We share the responsibility of song, testimony, prayer, table, Word, confession and generosity in a beautiful mosaic of worship expression. We’re setting aside style with the hope that our experience is shaped by those who come ready to worship God.

We are intentionally slowing things down in order to make room for prayer, contemplation, and silence. Our culture is fast-paced and we want our worship to stand in contrast as we meet in a slowed-down environment taking careful consideration the human need to rest and find refuge in God.  

We want people to experience a closeness in two ways - close to God and close to each other. We’ll be meeting in a smaller space and designing the environment to facilitate a relaxed and open connection to God and those we’re worshiping with. We’ll be encouraging new voices to share their story so that we may all celebrate our victories and mourn our losses.

The Bible is a beautiful and complex revelation of God and we are committed to putting God’s word to practice and understanding. We will spend more time exploring the histories, cultures and contexts of scripture so that we may better find ourselves in its unique narrative. Our worship will be both rooted and inspired by the Bible as we seek the will of God within its pages.

Have questions? Looking for ways to get plugged in to this new service? Email Tyler Hughes for more information.