Honest To God: The Freedom of Forgiveness

Session Date: 
Sunday, March 5, 2017
Cesar Hernandez
Bible Text: 
Psalm 32

The “me” we present to others, whether in digital media or personal conversation, whether by the symbols of our consumer choices or credentials of education or employment, we often use to hide the “real me” from others. We seek to control the information we reveal about ourselves so we can control the perception others have of us. While this can take a lot of forms, from low tech to the digital world of social media, it is a very long established pattern among us. So how do we break this pattern of "hiding ourselves" from God and others?

We bring joy back into our lives by coming out of hiding and stepping into the light of God’s love; our anxious selves find peace and our relentless efforts to impress others can be put away. For we are at peace with God which brings peace with ourselves and allows us to offer peace to others. 

Honest to God: The Freedom of Forgiveness