Post-Resurrection Blues

Session Date: 
Sunday, April 23, 2017
Tyler Hughes
Bible Text: 
John 20

What happened to our Easter spirit? It’s Easter Monday and we’ve just celebrated Jesus Resurrection. Then why are we just feeling empty?

If God is doing a new thing in us, why does everything just sort of feel like the same old thing? We might have more in common with the earliest believers than we know. After reading and re-reading the accounts of Jesus’ resurrection, we might think that it was all kind of a letdown for them too! In John 20:10 it was written of the disciples, “Then they went home.”

The disciples were left wondering - what was it all that about? What do we do now? They saw what happened to Jesus and worried about the same thing happening to them. The disciples wanted more proof of his Resurrection. By showing his body, his physical new creation, Jesus showed that even death is conquered and that He has the final word.

Perhaps we, like the disciples, may have the same feelings. But, what Gods expects of us is the same as it was for the disciples, to reach out to the world. What the world needs is for the Jesus in us, to show up in unremarkable places to unremarkable people. God is there doing a new thing - always a new thing - in you.


Post - Resurrection Blues