Zephaniah: The Dividing Line

Session Date: 
Sunday, August 13, 2017
Scott Field
Bible Text: 
Zephaniah 10: 1-13

   What does the Lord require of us? The vast majority of Americans believe that God is either content with us or indifferent toward us. And we return the favor. Just 31% understand God as being not only engaged in the world but also having expectations for human behavior.
   Christ-followers have concluded that, though we aren’t contending with the pagan gods worshipped in early Christian times, we tend to give our devotion to things that we find captivating, things like Money, Power, and Sex. These three and others can corrupt our faith and the devotion due to God alone.
   Zephaniah faced similar attitudes during his ministry. The people had trivialized the name of the Lord, severed the relationship between the God they worshipped and the morality of their lives, and determined that the Lord wouldn’t do anything about it – either good or bad.
   So, Zephaniah appealed to the people of Judah as God appeals to us today:

“Seek the Lord, all who are humble,
     And follow his commands.
Seek to do what is right
    And to live humbly.”  (Zephaniah 2:3)