Sermon Date: 9/15/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Psalm 19

Many,having come to faith in Jesus Christ as their Savior, having experienced the love and mercy of God, determine that somehow or in some way the God in the Old Testament was replaced or succeeded by the Jesus of the New Testament. So we cut our moorings with the Old Testament and sail into the future with less than half a Bible.
Jesus himself LOVED what we call the Old Testament. And the God revealed there? Jesus called that God, “Heavenly Father”.

Sermon Date: 9/6/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Genesis 2: 4-18

  The Biblical understanding is that our work, whether compensated or not, is a partnership with God. We can take a day or more off because God keeps the world turning. But the healing of the world is given to us as our vocation, wherever we are and at whatever stage of life we are in. 

Sermon Date: 9/1/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: James 1: 2-3

Many of us have an unconscious expectation that church and faith and God will be changeless and immutable. 
But there is another word we can attach to God. And that word is “relentless.” God is relentless in pursuing the redemption of all people. 
And, since God has chosen to pursue this redemption in partnership with people who want to share in the healing of the world, well, God’s relentlessness means calling us and pushing us and commanding us and directing us in ways we likely would not have chosen on our own.

Sermon Date: 8/25/15 Bible Text: Luke 14:16-24

This Parable of the Great Banquet is pretty simple to understand. God is the one throwing the party. Jesus is the servant sent to tell those on the guest list that everything is ready for the big celebration.
We're actually inviting others to become part of a people, a community, centered in Jesus and intent on fulfilling the Jesus Mission.
Each of us is invited to God's Party of Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ. And each of us has the opportunity, in our relationships, to extend the invitation to others as well.
Are you coming to the party?

Sermon Date: 8/16/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 13:6-9

The parable of the fruitless fig tree is particularly pertinent for a congregation of people like us who are embarking on a series of changes in our way of living, worshipping, and serving together as a community of Christ-followers. This parable is an assurance that the judgment of God will surely fall on congregations that are fruitless when it comes to being a living ex-pression of God's Kingdom, shaped by God's Word, filled with God's Spirit, and pas-sionate about fulfilling God's purposes.

Sermon Date: 8/9/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 15: 11-32

All throughout Jesus' ministry—his birth on Christmas morning, his meals with sinners, his healing of the sick, his death on the cross for our sins—he showed us the heart of God, the God who will take a long journey of love to find us.

Sermon Date: 8/2/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 15: 1-7

God's way -- throughout the Scriptures -- is not for generations to compete with one another but to experience community together. And not just any community, but the community centered in living God's way, giving attention to God's word, and participating in God's work.

Sermon Date: 7/19/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 13: 22-30

There are a lot of choices and a range of consequences from modest to life-altering. One choice, as Jesus describes it, has the greatest of consequences for life and for eternity. It is the choice of "the narrow door." The "narrow door" is not an all call to become narrow minded, judgmental people. The "narrow door" is Jesus, the One and Only. He is the One who will save us from the reality of hell, the certainty of a trivial and wasted life, the gravity of our self-deception, and the vanity of our own pride, arrogance, and ignorance.

Sermon Date: 7/5/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 18: 9-14

In the parable of the “Pharisee and the Tax Collector” the Pharisee believes he is righteous and can look down on everyone else. The Tax Collector is lifted up because he is NOT righteous and comes in humility to ask God for mercy and forgiveness. Asking for God’s mercy is getting right with God and results in our getting right in our relationships with others. All of us should not be so full of ourselves that we have no room in our hearts and souls for God. And that kind of transformation comes through our prayers of confession to God.

Sermon Date: 6/21/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 8: 4-8; 11-15

This week, in the parable of the three obstacles, we note how God is calling each of us to our role, our responsibility, as partners in the healing of the world in Jesus' name. How shall we become the productive people God intends? Great question. 
As a community of believers we help one another tend the soil of our souls and help one another deal with our doubts, overcome the challenges of our difficult times of testing and temptation, and avoid the deception so much that can distract us from our devotion to Christ.

Sermon Date: 6/14/15 Speaker: Scott Field Bible Text: Luke 6: 46-49

Today's worship deals with a teaching of Jesus, the parable of the Wise and Foolish Builder, sometimes called the Parable of the Two Foundations. This parable is found in all three of the Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark, & Luke. The sermon about the Wise builder (who builds his house on a rock) and the Foolish builder (who builds his house on the sand), is really a metaphor for life. The difference between the man who builds on the rock and the one who builds on the sand is simple and profound.