Advent By Candlelight: Hosting

Advent By Candlelight: Hosting

Advent By Candlelight is a peaceful, pretty event that allows the women of the church to enjoy an evening meal, music and a guest speaker together, while kicking off the advent season. This year, Advent By Candlelight will be on Friday, December 3rd. Right now, we’re looking for women to host a dinner table.

Here’s what it means to host a table at Advent By Candlelight:

  • Table hosts are responsible for decorating their table for dinner and dessert. Though the common theme of the decorations is “Christmas” we’ve seen a wide variety of colors, centerpieces, candles, and tablecloths. As the host, you get to decide how to decorate! A table will for up to 8 women.
  • This year, table hosts will provide paper dinnerware for the evening (plates, napkins, utensils, and cups). Due to COVID precautions we’ve adapted our layout and the switch to paper products is a matter of logistics and ease of participation.
  • Finally, table hosts will provide a store-bought dessert for their table.

Want to host a table? Contact our office, and let us know! Or you can send a message to Jeanna directly.

Please note that you don’t have to be a member of the Unite Methodist Women to host a table.


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