Friday Food Truck Is Seeking Help

Friday Food Truck Is Seeking Help

Hello First Church Family,

My name is Deb Heath and I am reaching out to all of you because our First Church Friday Food Truck is in need of help. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 experience we cannot allow guests to come in and shop for their own food. Now we pack boxes of food for them and put them into their cars while they wait out in the parking lot. This requires more people to serve the guests. We are still serving around 85 families a week. Many families are dependent on the food they receive to get by. We would appreciate anyone and everyone who is willing to come join us on Fridays to do this ministry. You don’t have to commit to every Friday, just come when you are available. You don’t have to be there for the whole day. Just a couple of hours helps. We start around 11 a.m. with setting up tables and sorting food. We start serving guests at 1:30 and go till we run out of guests, usually around 3 to 4 p.m. We then have to clean up and some of us deliver food to families with issues that prevent them from coming themselves. We really need more volunteers to serve the guests and more help for clean-up. If you can just come for clean-up it would be greatly appreciated. If you can come serve guests for a while, awesome.

I’m praying for willing spirits and caring hearts from our First Church family that will jump in and join our happy circus on Fridays at the food truck. The location is The Chapel, 1809 Rt. 31 in McHenry.

Blessed to be of service in Christ,

Deb Heath


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