How To Tailgate

How To Tailgate

If you’ve never “tailgated” before, it can be intimidating to get started. With these helpful tips, you can set up like a pro and make the most of the morning.


  1. Bring Your Own Everything | Think of tailgating as hosting a picnic. In the parking lot. Behind your car. You want to bring everything to need to make it work. Food, drinks, chairs, canopy, grill, napkins, and even games wouldn’t be out of place. Bring everything but the kitchen sink!
  2. Barter For Variety | Sure, you can keep grandma’s famous ribs all to yourself. OR you can trade some BBQ for a hotdog. Hand over a scoop of slaw for a glop of mac n’ cheese. Tailgating is all about sharing and sampling. Make enough to give some away. It’s a community thing!
  3. Bring A Friend or Neighbor | We think Tailgate Sunday is a great place to introduce new people to First Church. There’s food, there’s games, and there’s just one service with a little something for everyone. And if things get awkward, you can always slam another cheeseburger.

What if you don’t own a grill?

We get it. Maybe your grill is 500 lbs. Maybe you don’t have the time or equipment to set up your own tailgate station. Maybe you just don’t want to work on the Lord’s day. We’ve got you covered. Here’s what we’ll have available and free for anyone and everyone to enjoy:

Food | hotdogs, hamburgers, water, chips, sodas, desserts (also note step 2 – people are ready to share!)

Kids stuff | bounce house, rocket launching, games, prizes, snow cones

Somewhere to sit | tables, chairs, a tent for shelter


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