All missions at First Church are funneled through a program we call Faith Promise.

Faith Promise is what we call our collective community prayer during the year:
“Lord, how much would you give through me that you would not normally give to me for the sake of healing the world in Jesus’ name?”

As we pray this prayer, God provides “extra money” to us. We bring that “extra money” to the church. Our collected Faith Promise Funds are then sent out, 100%, to support our mission partnerships locally, regionally, and globally. This is giving above and beyond our regular, proportionate financial support of the ministries of First Church. The Faith Promise Fund is administered by the Outreach Committee and distributed according to their proposed spending plan for the year.

Most frequently, it seems, God provides this extra money in one or more of three ways when we begin to pray:

1. Re-aligning our personal budget so that funds formerly spent in other ways can be re-directed to the Faith Promise Fund.

2. New opportunities to produce income.

3. Unexpected money that “shows up”.

The Outreach Team only expends the monies we have actually received. No money is taken from other church revenue. No emergency appeal will be made. As God provides in response to our prayers, and as we individually pass along the money through our Faith Promise gifts, the Outreach Team sends out support to our Faith Promise partners. Generally, authorization is made for payment on a quarterly basis.

Lord, how much would you give through me that you would not normally give to me for the sake of healing the world in Jesus’ name?

Faith Promise Prayer

Men’s House-Building Project

In cooperation with Appalachian Service Project (ASP), First Church United Methodist Men are partnering to Build a houses in Appalachia. We will provide funding as well as work teams for construction. A September 2021 trip is planned.

Refuge For Women

Refuge for Women is a national organization that provides trafficked and exploited women a life of freedom and dignity through a faith based healing program. There is an aftercare home in Crystal Lake that First Church has supported since it opened in 2017.

Gift of Hope International (Southeast Asia)

GoHi serves the educational and humanitarian needs of children by building schools as well as promoting the economic empowerment of women in Southeast Asia working in partnership with Hope for Today run by Dr. Peter Pereira.


Provides meals through our August Sunday morning meal packing for food insecure families outside the US in partnership with Kids Around the World.

Coventry School | KidsHope USA

KidsHopeUSA is a mentoring program that provides volunteers from our congregation to assist students that are identified by teachers a weekly one-on–one time.

Habitat For Humanity

Habitat for Humanity has plans for nine affordable homes in Crystal Lake, building three each year with volunteers along with the new owners. This is the second year for this project.

Preschool Scholarships

First Church Preschool provides a quality preschool experience for children right in our building. Funds will assist under resourced families scholarships

Bethany Hope Home

These funds will serve children aging out of the orphanage before they are ready to transition to independent living through Back2Back ministries.

Food Ministries (Mobile Food Truck, Community Dinners)

We provide food eight months of the year through the Northern Illinois Food Bank to those in need. A weekly truck each Friday provides groceries to the community as well as the local Food Pantry.

Home Of The Sparrow

Home of the Sparrow provides aid and developing skills to homeless women and children to help them become independent.

Scrappy Quilters

Funds help purchase supplies to produce quilts for Sherman Hospital’s Special Infant Care unit.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief provides many services for development and relief for vulnerable communities as well as responding to international disasters.

Both the College (Puerto Rico) and Youth (Cleveland, OH) mission trips from 2020 have been postponed to 2021. Funds collected then are being held and will be utilized next year.

Consider submitting a mission for future support

The Outreach committee is asking if you have a passion for a mission that First Church is involved in and has not received Faith Promise funds in the past to submit an application for consideration. Fill out the form below before October 1, 2023

Faith Promise Funds Application
  • Summoned 2 Serve | $25,000
  • Youth Missions | $2500
  • Food Ministries - $19,000
  • First Church Quilters | $500
  • Habitat For Humanity | $5,000
  • Home of The Sparrow | $1,000
  • Coventry School | $2000
  • Preschool Scholarships | $5,000
  • Refuge For Women | $5,000
  • Men's House-Building Project | $20,000
  • Bethany Hope Home | $10,000
  • Gift of Hope International (Southeast Asia) | $5,000
  • UMCOR | $5,000
  • Retreat & Camp Scholarships | $2,000
  • Buddy Break | $3,000
  • Epworth Project | $1,000
  • Interfaith Mental Health Coalition | $500
  • World Relief | $10,000

Total Promised For 2023


*Since the youth mission trips were postponed from 2020, funds collected last year will be used for the 2021 trips.


You can give to Faith Promise at any time by visiting our giving page and choosing a one-time gift to be directed to Faith Promise.

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If you would like to get involved in missions, please contact us below and we’ll be in touch.