Realm Tips | Groups

Realm Tips | Groups

Is your group on Realm?

In order to fully take advantage of Realm, you should try to spot your groups. What are your groups? Groups are everything from Bible studies, to ministry teams, to Sunday school classes. Chances are, if you are in a group – any group – it’s on Realm. And if not, we can get it there.

How do I find my groups?

Check the Realm menu for the Groups tab. When you click on it, it will reveal all the groups that you are currently a part of. At least, you’ll see that you are a part of “First Church of Crystal Lake” with other groups listed below. If you click on the name of one of your groups, it will take you to the group’s info page where you can further interact.

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What if my group isn’t listed?

If your group isn’t listed, then you should click Find Groups located in the Groups tab of the main menu. Next, choose what kind of group it is using the group descriptions as a guide. If you aren’t sure, you can just browse the groups by categories – it won’t take long. Once you find your group, open the info page and click “request to join group” (the group leader must accept your request before you’re official in). Once you’ve been accepted, you’re all set.

How do I interact with my group?

Once you find your group’s info page, you’ll be able to interact with the members of your group by creating posts, sharing photos, or seeing when your next meeting is. If you’ve used various social media before, this should feel very familiar. You can also message between members of your group in the Messages tab in the main menu.


My group doesn’t exist in Realm. What do I do?

No problem! Just send us a message letting us know what kind of group it is, when you meet, and who the leaders are. We’ll get you set up so others can find you and you can take advantage of Realm’s group management.

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