Remember the Trouble™ Game?

Remember the Trouble™ Game?

Have you ever played the game of Trouble? Wasn’t it fun?

You press the bubble in the middle. You hear a loud “pop”! The die inside rolls, and you move your piece trying to get it to the finish line. Everyone has some fun trying to get their guys to safety without getting into too much trouble! Our life can feel much like a game of Trouble. Like pegs on the game board, we’re all trying to find our way; sometimes we experience bumps, bruises, mishaps, disappointments, detours, and trouble. Just like Jesus said, “In this world, you will have…trouble.”

Our world can be a frightening and confusing place, especially for our children. The pressures, challenges, threats, and temptations they are facing today can be complex and difficult. That’s why First Church is committed to providing a clear path to the children and youth God has entrusted to us. We want to help them reach Jesus and find joy in a life-long relationship with Him.

For this vision to become a reality, our children’s and youth ministries need 30 people “ready to play” before we roll into our next season starting September 18th, 2022.

If you’re interested in helping equip kids and youth connect with Karen or Isaac with a note, a call, a click or or find one of us  after service on Sundays to learn more about getting in the game! We cannot wait to tell you about all the exciting opportunities and how we can help our children and youth move closer to Jesus. Let’s win this game together & let’s win the hearts of many boys and girls for Jesus!

CLICK HERE to learn more and share your interest in volunteering.


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