Sermons by Pastor Scott Field

The Best Is Yet To Come...Really

The Best Is Yet To Come…Really

Speaker: | November 06, 2018

Today, the celebration of All Saints’ Day, when we recognize the lives and especially the deaths of members of our congregation, when all of us reconnect with the value of particular people in our lives....

Hokey Pokey

Hokey Pokey

Speaker: | October 01, 2018

What does today’s sermon have to do with the Hokey Pokey? Some of us have fallen into a hokey pokey faith where we put part of ourselves in, practice our faith in Jesus enough to...

I Am Second

I Am Second

Speaker: | September 24, 2018

Becoming “first” in God’s Kingdom means taking the low road. In Part 4 of the Declutter series, our Scripture lesson comes from Mark 9:33-37; and as Jesus told his disciples when they argued about, ‘which...

Survey Says...

Survey Says…

Speaker: | September 17, 2018

As we attempt to declutter our lives, we turn again to the Gospel of Mark. In this brief passage we find the most important question of our lives, the terms and conditions of what it...

More Ready Than You Realize

More Ready Than You Realize

Speaker: | September 09, 2018

People are more ready than we realize to respond to the nudging of God in their lives. The Scriptures have many examples of the unexpected readiness of people to take a step of faith. One...

The Heart Of The Matter

The Heart Of The Matter

Speaker: | September 03, 2018

Holiness, that is, the devotion of a person to God, to God’s ways, to God’s Word, and to God’s purposes, is not a matter of what we put into our body but of what comes...