At Midnight With the Son

At Midnight With the Son

Despite the fact that our accounts of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem include the exuberant songs and hallelujahs of the crowds, the Gospel account also indicates that Jesus himself was crying. He was not soaking in the adulation and exaltation. His heart was breaking over the people of Jerusalem, the gathered faithful for the Passover festival who were themselves passing over the call to repentance and offer of redemption — destruction awaited them, literally, at the hands of the Roman military who would destroy Jerusalem — because, as Jesus said, they had not accepted their opportunity for salvation (Luke 19:41-44).

Even though Jesus was innocent and without any deceit or deception, Isaiah says, “it was the Lord’s will to crush him” in order to make “his life an offering for sin” and bring about the salvation of many (Isaiah 53:10).

It is because Jesus was and is the righteous and holy One, God of Israel himself. God elected himself to be crushed; to bear our burden. The Lord sends himself to die on our behalf. As John Calvin observed, “this is a wonderful commendation of the goodness of God to us,” because it demonstrates that “our salvation is dearer to him than his own life.”

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