Bending The Rules: Biblical Ethics for Thoughtful Christians

Bending The Rules: Biblical Ethics for Thoughtful Christians

Religions come with rules! And with the rules comes several significant problems. Like, are all the rules really rules or are some rules, others guidelines, and still others suggestions or recommendations? But, the reality is that God made it very simple for us; there are really only 10 rules we need to follow, the Ten Commandments. Yes, those Ten Commandments are Old Testament rules. And, we live under the freedom of God’s grace. We are New Testament people.
Some of the Old Testament laws are not relevant in today’s world; yet – the moral laws of the Old Testament continue for us. We bend the rules to express the intent of God’s commands within a particular situation or for a particular person. For those who love God, however, the rules provide the simple and clear boundaries of a covenant, a real relationship.


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