Family Foundations

Family Foundations

Observing Mothers’ Day brings up a lot of feelings, doesn’t it?
Like a lot of our holiday-type celebrations, our expectations of a special day run into the realities of life. Mothers’ Day is intended to lift up the irreplaceable role of mothers. The reality is that in many situations, Mothers’ Day can be a tough day on some Moms. Actually, it isn’t just mothers it applies to; it applies to living in families overall.

Families are God’s idea and, we have been given some instruction in God’s Word about being family. Beyond the relationship gifts of faithful love and forgiveness, the possibility of growing up and second chances and cheering each other along, there are also the gifts of identity (we learn who we are in a family), value (we learn that we are esteemed by others and so begin to believe in ourselves), and purpose (we are here for a reason). Even more, families are the place where we can experience the gift of faith or, better, we can both experience faith and prepare for faith that lasts a lifetime.

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