Formed And Reformed

Formed And Reformed

Today’s message comes from Jeremiah 11: 1-11. God tells Jeremiah to go to the potter’s house to see how the potter works with the clay. God compares the clay to the people of Israel who need God’s guidance to live right lives.

With God as the potter, how could the pottery be blemished; how could we be imperfect? When we sin, we become imperfect; God, like a potter, works through us to rid us of our imperfections.

When God lifts out our sins, he removes our imperfections; God like a potter works us through to rid us of our imperfections, so that we’re really usable clay ready to be fashioned into a vessel for God’s use. When we don’t center ourselves on Jesus Christ, our lives spin out of control and we get misshapen.

How can we keep centered? Through God given Means of Grace as in daily Prayer, Scripture reading, being in worship, singing praises to God, being in small group, etc.

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