Net Results

Net Results

Today’s Scripture lesson comes from Luke 5: 1-11; Jesus, the teacher and rabbi, is by the Lake of Gennesaret and a crowd of people are pressing in around him. He gets into Simon, the fisherman’s, boat and begins preaching the Word of God; the people are captivated by what he has to say. When Jesus has finished speaking, he tells the fishermen to go out into deep water and lower their nets. They are skeptical because they have been fishing all night with little success. Suddenly, their nets are filled with fish; the fishermen are astonished and Simon tells Jesus to leave them because they are sinful. Jesus response to the fishermen is “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people.”

Jesus intentionally teaches the crowd near these fishermen and their boats with the expectation that he’s going to recruit them as his first disciples. He then performs this miracle again, not as proof that he’s legit, but as a way to show these guys, here’s what you can expect if you follow me.

And it’s not just for them, but for you and me too! We must cast our nets – to participate in bringing the good news, that God is the God of love, that sins are forgiven, that the kingdom of God is here, that there is healing for the world in Jesus’ name.

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