The Cost of Discipleship

The Cost of Discipleship

Today’s Scripture from Luke 9:51-62 could probably be labeled, “The Cost of Following Jesus”. Jesus wanted to be up front with his disciples that “there is a personal cost to following Him”. He gives three different responses to three different disciples about what that personal cost will be. And those responses could be summarized as follows:

  1. The Kingdom of God is always in motion; if you follow Jesus, expect your faith and spiritual landscape to constantly change and evolve.
  2. The most opportune time to follow Jesus will never present itself. In fact, if following Jesus has you going to the same place, with the same people and saying the same things until all is simply religious maintenance, then you probably got lost somewhere along the way
  3. If you want to follow Jesus but are constantly looking back to the life you mean to leave behind, you will inadvertently take yourself off course. Spiritual procrastination is the pattern of those who are in danger of having no faith at all! Let the dead bury the dead – but you go and proclaim the Kingdom of God!

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