The Heart Of The Matter

The Heart Of The Matter

Holiness, that is, the devotion of a person to God, to God’s ways, to God’s Word, and to God’s purposes, is not a matter of what we put into our body but of what comes from our heart.

The heart of the matter, as it turns out, is a matter of the heart. One aspect of that is simply the integrity that who we present ourselves to be is the real person whom we are, by God’s grace. God can see through the tangled nature of our own self-deceptions.

So how might we move beyond “going to church” and experience a growing inner integrity, an actual loving of God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. There are four spiritual practices that can help us toward a healthy heart:

  •  Confession: having the courage to come before God as we really are.
  • Engaging Scripture: The Word of God has a way of revealing the thoughts and intentions of our hearts.
  • Prayer: The simple and profound prayer is the prayer Jesus offered in the Garden of Gethsemane. All prayers grow from this type of praying: “Not my way, but your way, O God.”
  • Holy community: When any of us move beyond the reach of accountable community or when the community no longer holds us accountable to God’s Word and God’s ways, then we are in a hall of mirrors where our own reflection is all we can see.

This is an opportunity to consider how we might place ourselves in the context of honest confession, prayerful self-reflection, and authentic Christian community so that our daily living will grow from pure hearts.  

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