The New Relationship

The New Relationship

Today’s sermon is based on the Gospel of John 4:4-15 about the Samaritan Woman. Jesus exhibits a radical approach when he begins a conversation with the Samaritan woman.

  • Jesus literally said to her, “give me a drink”
  • He knew the rules that Jews and Samaritans don’t share a cup
  • He knew that he would be considered unclean because of it
  • He knew the ongoing animosity and avoidance of Jews & Samaritans
  • He also knew that because she was alone he should not talk with her – would be improper.

In their conversation, Jesus set that whole situation aside and declared that place didn’t matter….the new relationship with God would be through the Spirit, not by going to a certain place. The same is true with us today; Jesus comes to where we are, crosses boundaries to do so, and offers us a new relationship with God that is based in grace.


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