What Did Jesus Say About Power?

What Did Jesus Say About Power?

https://vimeo.com/296432976The first recorded temptation in the scriptures, when the serpent lied to Adam and Eve to sin against God, was the temptation of power. Before humans were tempted to lie, cheat, or steal and before we could be tempted by material gain, or extravagant living, we were tempted to gain power.

Power and influence are important in God’s kingdom but only so far as they are used to serve. The church and by extension the Bible do warn about the love of money, and dangers of unchecked sexuality and the abuse of power, but none of those is bad all on its own.

Whatever little corner of this world you claim as your own, whatever has been entrusted to you – these things we must serve, not rule over them, but serve. You may not be a person of power, but you have a Circle. The people inside that circle – where you have potential to influence – you have an obligation to help, serve, encourage, admonish, and support. It’s not just a good idea, it’s our duty as Christ followers. In God’s Kingdom, the humbled is lifted up, the servant is praised, the helper is honored, the less is more, and the least is the greatest.

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