Support Ukraine Through Faith Promise

Support Ukraine Through Faith Promise
The United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is the outreach arm of the Methodist denomination that coordinates our monetary and volunteer resources to respond to disasters, humanitarian crises, and health needs around the world. Tornado destroyed a town? UMCOR is there. Flooding in IA? UMCOR is there. Hurricane in the gulf coast? UMCOR is there. Humanitarian/refugee crisis in Ukraine? Yes, UMCOR is there! The UMC is responding to the crisis in Ukraine by providing relief resources to programs on the ground in Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Slovakia. Assistance comes in the form of food, water, clothing, and shelter and other necessary supplies. One of our own church family, Michael Friske, son of Mike and Diana Friske, who lives in Poland has been helping refugees as well and recently encountered UMCOR workers at the border providing assistance to refugees. Right now, UMCOR is providing immediate help that makes a difference to people who have fled the violence in their home country.

Our church’s Faith Promise program has been set up to create a pool of resources that will benefit mission work outside our walls. The Outreach committee, which champions and stewards this program, wants to offer our congregation the opportunity to expand your Faith Promise donation to specifically add monies to UMCOR for Ukrainian relief. We are doing this in response to many members of the congregation wanting to know how they can help. Faith Promise will match your Ukraine gifts up to $5,000. You can contribute to this cause by writing a check or making an online donation via Realm with the notation: Ukraine. And rest assured, the entirety of your gift will help those in need – because the staffing, management, and costs of running UMCOR are provided through other UM resources; so 100% of what we give goes directly to those in need.

As our Faith Promise program asks: what has God given to you in order to give through you? Thank you for making a Gospel difference – just like Jesus said: whenever you saw anyone hungry and thirsty, naked and alone, and met their need, you did it for me.”

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